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About Gambit

All the Fun and Excitement of Gaming, None of the Risks

Gambit lets users convert loyalty points into free gaming tokens. Those tokens can be used to play games online to win real cash rewards!

Gambit lets you turn all your digital points collecting digital dust into unlimited fun. With Gambit, players can have fun without worrying about losing their hard-earned money. Because that’s the great thing about Gambit: you never spend a dime!

You get the thrills of instant win games, or picking winners of sporting events without the risks of betting real money. Instead, you simply exchange your loyalty points for digital play tokens. Gambit offers a completely unique free-to-play experience, and you don’t have to make any commitments or additional purchases (or any purchases at all) to participate.

Winnings can be redeemed for cash or other prizes. There are no blackout periods or other limitations typically associated with rewards programs. Since tokens can never be purchased, you are never at risk of losing your own money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Gambit Rewards?

Gambit Rewards is a U.S. corporation founded in 2018. The Company was launched by a team of serial entrepreneurs and developers.
For more information, check out

Why can't I find today's game?

All Gambit games close 30 minutes prior to the start of the match.

When does Gambit process inquires and updates?

Please allow the Gambit Team time to reconcile all items within the standard working hours of 9am – 5pm EST, M-F.

How often does Gambit update results?

All games are updated within 24 hours of results.

What is the Minimum Amount to Play a Game?

To access a game, a player must play 10 Gambit Tokens.

How is Gambit different?

Gambit’s Free Play Games are unique to consumer rewards programs. Winnings can be redeemed for cash prizes…period. No blackout periods, or limitations. Players are never at risk of losing money. Now, anyone can roll the dice and Play with your Points!

How much do Gambit Tokens cost?

Nothing. Gambit Tokens cannot be purchased. Players redeem free tokens from one of our Rewards Partners, or via mail-in entry.

How does Gambit work?

Players can redeem free Gambit Tokens from one of our Rewards Partners, or via mail-in entry. Gambit Tokens provide access to our free-to-play games platform. All winning games are settled in Prize Tokens, which can be redeemed for real cash prizes.
See Terms & Conditions for details.

So what’s the catch?

There is none. Gambit was designed by a team of financial engineers with deep experience in highly regulated markets. Now anyone can enjoy the fun and excitement of rolling the dice, but without the fear and risk of losing. No additional purchases, actions, or commitments required.

Can I permanently close my account at any time, for any reason?

Yes, should you decide to close your account at any time for any reason, please contact

How is my information protected?

All of Gambit’s confidential information is safeguarded by SSL (Secure Socket Layer), as represented by the padlock visible on your browser’s address tab. This ensures the security of any and all private information provided by the website. We encrypt all our private customer information, available to our staff only when pertinent.